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I love this part of kung fu hustle

Land lady:It's 4 o'clock I want to get some sleep get out of here!
Brother Sum's adviser:Shut up you hag! it's time to die!
*Throws axe at land lady*
*Land landy catches the axe*
Land lady:die my ass!
*Land lord pushes her back into the house*
Land lord:don't listen to her she has no idea what she's saying!
Brother Sum's adviser:ayyyayayyayy
*get's kicked by brother Sum*
Brother Sum:You are still blocking the view!
1 year ago
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You can't reason with a person like this . . .

Mum:do you understand english?
Me:that's a stupid question
Mum:so you're calling me stupid?
Me:no I think your question is stupid
Mum:Who said the question?!
Me:you did
Mum:So because I said the question you are trying to say I am a stupid foolish person who does not think before she says something?!
1 year ago
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I always laugh at this part

Sing:So fat woman, are you the boss around here or what?
*Land lady takes of slipper and hits him in the face*
Land lady:Fat woman my ass!
Sing:hey I'm with the axe gang!
*hits him in the face with a slipper*
Landy lady:Axe gang my ass
*hits him in the face with a slipper*
Land lady:Boss my ass!
Sing:I will sue you for this!
*hits him in the face with a slipper*
Land lady:sue me my ass!
Sing:how about a date?
*hits him in the face with a slipper*
Land lady:date my ass!
Sing:a steak?
*hits him in the face with a slipper twice*
Land lady:steak my ass!
Sing:you just wait I will Call for back up!
Land lady:Like anybody would back you up you nitwit, I can hard wait!
*puts slipper on*
1 year ago
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